The Jacobins Convent

Data: Giovedì 19 set 2019 - martedì 31 dic 2019

A refreshing and peaceful stop in the heart of the city.

Established by the Dominican Order, the Jacobins Convent is a jewel of medieval art.

The church, which houses the remains of St Thomas Aquinas, will astound you with its double nave with painted decor, its magnificent stained-glass windows and its surprising vault in the shape of a palm tree (free entry).
Upon entering the cloister, you will be surprised by the serenity of this site. The central part of the convent symbolises the Garden of Eden, it leads to the former refectory, the chapter house and the chapel of Saint Antonin, whose painted decor has been magnificently restored and resemble a veritable comic strip of the XIVth Century.
A brand new interpretation trail allows you to explore the venue in detail and in total freedom.

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