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Indirizzo: Avec Toulouse Welcome, RDV place d'Arménie , 32600 L'ISLE JOURDAIN Data: Giovedì 22 ago 2019 - martedì 31 dic 2019

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  • "Hop on and Off Bus"

    sabato 10 ago 2019

    "The driver are very friendly and helpful especially the lady driver. She helped me to get to the Canal du Midi boat ride. She even dropped me off right in front of the place. I ..."


4   Molto buono, consigliato  Recensito martedì 20 ago 2019

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4   Molto buono, consigliato  Recensito domenica 18 ago 2019

Mis à part le manque de courtoisie du chauffeur, un tour agréable dans les rues de Toulouse avec une vue sur les principaux lieux à visiter.

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"Hop on and Off Bus"

5   Eccellente, consigliato  Recensito sabato 10 ago 2019

The driver are very friendly and helpful especially the lady driver. She helped me to get to the Canal du Midi boat ride. She even dropped me off right in front of the place. I would like to say "Thank you" to her.

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1   Terribile  Recensito giovedì 25 lug 2019

Qualité très mauvaise de la sonorisation, commentaires peu audibles. Principe hop-off, hop-off non respecté (couple d'étrangers n'a pu descendre du bus au lieu souhaité malgré des bras levés et des interpellations du chauffeur par d'autres passagers.

Profondément déçus de cette prestation.

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4   Molto buono, consigliato  Recensito domenica 21 lug 2019

Tour intéressant. Une grande majorité des édifices principaux a été passée en revue.

Toutefois l'accompagnement musical est plutôt monotone voire endormant... Dommage.

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Regno Unito


5   Eccellente, consigliato  Recensito giovedì 27 giu 2019

We really enjoyed this trip around Toulouse; the driver was very friendly and helpful

The commentary-style in English is a matter of opinion-the most informal I have heard in my many similar bus trips.

It was very chatty and gave some personal details-my son is 30 and liked it; I am older and would have preferred a bit more of the history side without the quips.

However do not let that put you off-as I said it is matter of opinion and the nice leisurely ride around the city was the important part.

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"Pleasant Ride"

4   Molto buono, consigliato  Recensito martedì 25 giu 2019

Guide was very helpful with instructions and drove very well allowing us to see sights. Commentary is short on Toulouse history with too many quiet sections were more info could be given,

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"Toulouse The pink city"

5   Eccellente, consigliato  Recensito sabato 22 giu 2019

It was a wonderful experience to visit Toulouse. The people are friendly and so helpful. From day one when we arrived we were helped so nicely by the transport office to get to the tourism office for our welcome card. The tourism office staff was so friendly and was willing to answer any questions. Really agreT experience overall off the city.

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"bad activity"

2   Scarso  Recensito martedì 11 giu 2019

first of all it is not hop on hop off you have too wait one hour for a bus it does not stop at all the places

you have guess where the bus stops there are no indication

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"séjour culturel "

5   Eccellente, consigliato  Recensito sabato 18 mag 2019

Nous avons beaucoup apprécié le Pass Tourisme, la gentillesse de tous même dans les rues où nous avons flânés. sur 3 jours nous n’avons pas eu le temps de tout voir alors nous reviendrons !!

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