Fronton : The Toulousains' vineyard

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Indirizzo: Avec Voyages Duclos rdv place d'Arménie TOULOUSE

For discovering Fronton's wine, the wine tourism from Toulouse every wednesday of July an dAugust for half a day.

From Toulouse every wednesday early in the afternoon of thi summer, let's discover some wines of Fronton and immerse yourself in the histories of the Fronton's vineyard like the legendary of the knights of Saint-Jean-de-Jérusalem.

On site, you will visit "La Maison des Vins de Fronton" (house of Fronton's wines).

Then, we will make you discover a winery and you will taste some wines by a passionates of the "négrette", this grape variety wich is the pride of Fronton's wine.

A convivial moment not to be missed around a wine tasting!

Included in the price :

- Return ticket by bus

- The visit of the "Maison de Vins de Fronton"

- Visit of a vineyard with tasting of wine

Departure at 2.00 pm from allées Jean Jaurès, place d'Arménie.

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